April 3rd, 2021

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx

Reset Nineteen, Day Three

Friday turned into an evening nap day, after I woke up before noon with less than six hours of sleep. The nap came on very suddenly around seven o'clock in the evening. It was partly the result of a rather heavy late lunch, and also the balminess of the day. I fell asleep in the chair at the computer again, which is risky, so I moved to the bed and slept until almost midnight. Dinner didn't happen until one o'clock this morning, and I still haven't cleaned up and probably won't. My brain has been mush all day and night, and should probably be allowed to go to sleep again now.

It looks like the balmy is going to stick around, too. Those days with highs in the sixties and chances of rain that were supposed to come along early next week have vanished from the forecast, and it's all going to be highs in the seventies and mostly sunny for at least ten days. All this, and pollen, too, though pollen is not the only thing in the air of the mini-metropolis. A local bar won a best-in-America competition of some sort, and last night a rowdy celebration broke out in the college neighborhood.

The car gathering noise that usually comes from the old Kmart parking lot on Fridays never materialized last night, as the kids were all over on the other side of town partying and near-rioting. As the town emerges from the recent lockdown that sort of thing is likely to become more common. It's going to be an interesting time. Before summer is here, much of Chico is likely to be looking back on the pandemic as the good old days when things were peaceful. I already am.

Oh, there's the damned daylight coming. Time to try to sleep.