March 5th, 2021


Reset Eighteen, Day Three

A bit cooler than the previous two days, Thursday never got quite warm enough for open windows, so I'm still breathing stale indoor air. I might not have gotten the windows open early enough anyway, since I didn't manage to get to sleep until after six o'clock in the morning, then slept until almost four in the afternoon. It made for a very short day, though it seemed long enough. It was almost nightfall before I finished what I would consider my morning activities. I never got around to lunch, and I'm going to have a midnight combination lunch/dinner shortly. There will be potato chips. There will be beer. And there will be something from some other food group, I haven't decided which. Probably from a can.

The forecast is now saying there could be showers Saturday morning. If there are, I'll probably end up sleeping through them. The next chances will be on Monday through Wednesday, with the strongest chance (57%) on Tuesday. The odds aren't very good, but we can hope. If we don't get rain in the next week or so I'll have to start watering the plants in the back yard. March is just too early to be watering.

I rarely post videos, but a couple of weeks ago I came across one by an English kid named Charles Berthoud who plays bass. He is very good, and I started looking through his YouTube offerings to see what I could find. Tonight I found this video which I find quite remarkable. The guy is definitely worth a listen: