February 26th, 2021


Reset Seventeen, Day Seventeen

Thursday turned out to not amount to much. I got a notice from the IRS that they had deposited my $600 stimulus check in my account, which actually happened last month, so the timing of their notice was a bit off. Then after nightfall there was a whole lot of car noise from the direction of the closed Kmart, which is where the local hot rodders (is that still a term people use?) gather, but it's usually on Friday and Saturday. No idea why they were out on a Thursday. Maybe their boredom is expanding to fil the time available for avoiding it.

After that it was mostly just poking the Internet and eating a ramen bowl and not feeling especially good. I probably should have taken a nap, but the thought of waking up in the middle of the night yet again discouraged me. Now I'm finally going to have to drag myself into the bedroom and sleep, so I'll be all rested up for Friday, which will probably be much the same as Thursday, except I probably won't get any mail from the IRS.

Some geese flew over the neighborhood a while ago. I wonder if they're going home already? The weird weather might have them confused too.