February 11th, 2021

gericault_the raft of the medusa 2

Reset Seventeen, Day Two

Tuesday I found myself awake too early and unable to go back to sleep, so I spent the day somewhat dazed and fraught. Still, I managed to get the laundry done, and then fixed another fairly large dinner, of which I ate too much, and then fell asleep about eleven o'clock. It was not very good sleep, and it ended before three in the morning. I still haven't washed the dishes from last night's dinner. They are intimidating me. Thursdays dinner will be a sandwich, so I'll get a break from cooking and cleaning.

Today is the day we are set to get some rain, but I don't know when it will begin. There's a little bit of light in the sky already, which is quite overcast, so the rain might begin at any time. I'll probably be sleeping through a lot of it. I'm still feeling a bit queasy from overeating last night. Brain, as usual anymore, clogged with something. I can barely remember what life used to be like. I just remember it wasn't like this.

I'm going to try to get back to sleep.