February 7th, 2021

caillebotte_man at his window

Reset Sixteen, Day Sixty-One

Arrangements have been made for a shopping trip Monday. Saturday I slept weird again, but for about six hours from eleven in the evening until a bit after five this morning, so at least it's gone sort of in the right direction. I'll probably need another nap sometime today, but with luck I'll be able to sleep somewhat later Monday morning and still be functional when I go out that afternoon. There might be dreams though. When I woke this morning there was a dream fragment in my head, and it was odd; I was walking and stumbled when I stepped on my shoelace, and I looked down and saw that I was wearing a slipper on my right foot and an untied shoe on my left. I have no idea what it means, if anything, but there it was and it's still stuck in my head. A portent?

It is to be warmish today, and only slightly cooler tomorrow. Rain is still expected Thursday, but the chances are up to 75%. A little sliver of winter that might survive the premature spring. I encountered a bee in my back yard Saturday. It hovered inches from my face, like a taunt. I dare you to wave me away Spring says. I will sting you!.

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