February 2nd, 2021


Reset Sixteen, Day Fifty-Six

A spam phone call interrupted my sleep Monday morning, when I had already gotten to sleep too late, and after that call I found it so difficult to get back to sleep that when the later non-spam phone call that been scheduled came through I was still asleep, exactly the thing I had wanted to avoid. I stumbled through a bunch of questions with much more difficulty than I'd hoped, and the whole experience left me exhausted and anxious. It took hours to calm down, and I kept screwing up everything I was trying to do. I just don't deal well with things that are out of my routine, even when I don't really have a routine.

Anyway, I hope that's over for a while. In the evening I did remember to take the wheelie bin out to the street, and not long after that it began to rain a bit, which helped calm me down. The sense of relief finally kicked in around eight o'clock, and I was able to focus well enough to read for a while. Since then I've watched some music videos on YouTube, and cooked a semi-large, if rather late, dinner with angel hair pasta. It looks like I might survive another night.

It's still raining now, and will probably rain off and on through most of today and even into early Wednesday. This storm doesn't seem to be any more ambitious than I am, though, so there probably won't be a flood. I've been nodding off for the last half hour, so I'll probably get to sleep a bit easier tonight, and with luck I'll sleep better. Something like a calm day would be nice, and the odds of getting one today seem pretty high. Having one more annoying thing out of the way really helps.