January 18th, 2021

caillebotte_the orangerie

Reset Sixteen, Day Forty-One

Sunday was so balmy that I had the windows open and the fan on for about three afternoon hours. I'd have done it earlier, but I didn't wake up until one o'clock. It was nice to have some fresh air in the apartment, though some rain and some snow in the mountains would be more welcome. The birds were happy with the warmth, though, and with the windows open I could hear them singing all afternoon. They probably think it is spring.

So, apparently, do some of the plants, as I had to sneeze quite a few times, indicating the early arrival of some kind of pollen. There might be more today as it will be only a bit less balmy this afternoon. Cooler weather will return for the rest of the week, but it still won't be exactly wintery. Rain is unlikely until late in the month. Maybe winter won't get wintery at all this year.

I'm attempting to arrange to have some groceries fetched today or tomorrow. I left my phone call too late Sunday night, so I don't know if today will work out. I'm not even sure when I'll be waking up today, or when I'll get to sleep for that matter. Reality seems perpetually up in the air anymore. I wish the air would cool off and get wet.