rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The small crickets are more numerous and more active tonight, and their screeching is almost constant. It is the sound of August, and I never get entirely reconciled to it. It will move into the background of my attention for a while, then a brief interruption in it will result with an explosion of sound in my ears when it returns. I don't know why they are congregating in my front yard. Perhaps there is some plant out there that provides them with a good place to live. If so, I would like to identify it and rip it out.

The back yard is still free of them, though one large cricket still remains there, chirping away. I like to sit on the back porch and listen to him, while watching the waxing crescent moon settle among the pine trees. There's a decent breeze out there, too, which is very welcome on this sultry night. I noticed several moths, as well, fluttering about their lepidoptrian business. They don't seem to be bothered by the heat, but what do I know of moth desires? All I know is I could do without the torrid fate that awaits us this week.

Still no word on when I can go shopping again, or if I'll be able to visit the chiropractor this Tuesday. Everything is up in the hot, hot air.

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