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Ongoing transportation issues mean that I won't be going shopping tomorrow, so I can cross two items off my list that are only on Safeway's Friday sale. I just hope the issue is resolved by Sunday, as that's when I'll start running out of important stuff, plus a couple of my digital coupons expire. And if not then, I definitely hope it's resolved by Tuesday, as that is not only the day the sales end (there are half a dozen items I really, really want), but the day I hope to get to the chiropractor. Another week's delay in my adjustment would mean I'd be one big, malformed knot by the time I got there.

The small cricket that's been buzzing in my front yard hasn't been very active tonight, and I don't hear any others of his kind yet. I do still hear a couple of the big crickets making their pleasant chirps in my neighbor's yard. It's still balmy outdoors, and I'm spending as much time as possible out there because the house remains a hellish place now that the very hot days and warm nights have returned. The forecast is still predicting at least ten more days of this. I'm assuming I'll survive, though I certainly have no proof.

A tiny spider has been building a web between my desk lamp and my computer screen, and I'm leaving her unmolested. Most likely Portia will get up on the desk soon and carry the hapless arachnid away on her fur, but for now I'm enjoying the company of the spider, and so I'm trying not to sneeze, as that would probably blow her to kingdom come. The sneezing would be the result of something unknown in the air, which has caused me to sternutate several times today. And would you believe I had to look up a synonym for sneeze because I didn't know any? Sternutate is the only one I found that I consider adequate. The others are way too generic. I'll try to remember it, though remembering new stuff gets harder every day.

Now I'm going to go try to find something for dinner that won't cause me to heat up the kitchen too much. To waste not, one must want to eat, and I haven't felt much like eating all day because of the heat, and cooking would be apt to make me lose the small appetite I just developed. A quick microwave night again, I guess.

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