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Subject Goes Here [Jul. 26th, 2017|11:39 pm]
At the moment there is a whiff of skunk blowing in my window. More distressing, there is also the irritating buzz of the first small cricket of the season. Fortunately it's only buzzing intermittently so far, but it's an unpleasant reminder of the racket to come. And just in time for ten days of high temperatures near or above 100, and nocturnal lows of 70 or higher. I'd like to be cryogenically frozen until October, thanks.

Today's good news is that (so far) I've had no ant infestations in the house. Also the fact that I don't have much money left in the grocery budget this month is probably good news of a sort, as Safeway has several booze-related offers that I'd probably be tempted to take advantage of if I had more cash on hand. Large amounts of liquor would surely not be a good idea when the summer is so hot. I'd be guzzling vast quantities of icy mixed drinks, undoubtedly to my detriment.

Not having had a neck adjustment for six weeks is really beginning to tell on me. Sitting for long periods of time has gotten very uncomfortable, and I've been having low grade headaches of and on all day. Currently it's getting worse, so I have to go do something else. I might go out back for a while. Maybe the front yard cricket isn't as loud out there.