December 29th, 2020


Reset Sixteen, Day Twenty-one

So as soon as I adjusted to the idea that I was going to be having evening naps again, on Monday I didn't. I've been awake since eleven o'clock in the morning, so I can probably expect to get to sleep by three o'clock tonight and, with luck, sleep until eleven again today. But then I rarely get lucky where sleep is concerned. I ate a fairly large dinner, long delayed because (embarrassing) I forgot to turn the oven on. After about an hour I wondered why I wasn't smelling anything cooking, and so I checked and the damned thing wasn't on. It may be that I need an intellectual support animal. It's quite likely that most dogs are smarter than I've become over the last couple of years.

It's getting very cold again tonight, heading down to a low of 33, and the days ahead are predicted to bring a long string of highs in the fifties. My summer complaints are all packed away and I'm sporting my winter complaints, all freshly laundered. They'll probably start to stink in a couple of weeks. The apartment is already starting to stink, from being closed up. I lit my tangerine scented candle for a few hours last night, but the fragrance has worn off now. I've also got a cinnamon scented candle that I haven't started using yet. Maybe in a day or two, just to break the monotony. If I remember.

There was something else I was going to write about, I'm sure, but it has escaped. A lot of stuff escapes me now. For example I was looking for something Monday afternoon, but never found it, and now I can't remember what it was. In fact I can't remember if it was a physical object or something abstract, like information. Maybe it was a song. I've forgotten a lot of songs I used to know. It's a good thing I never learned to play an instrument. By now I'd probably be unable to make anything but random, unpleasant sounds with it, and that would make me very unhappier.

Right now I'm going to go eat some chocolate, which should make me less unhappy, for a while. Then I get to sleep under warm blankets.