October 15th, 2020


Interregnum Continuing

Um, let's see.... Wednesday, wasn't it? Yeah. It got pretty breezy for a while this afternoon, but it was windier in other parts of town, and windier still in the mountains of course. I only heard one plane flying over, and that was before I finally woke up completely. It could be that wind conditions in the fire zones made using the aircraft too risky. Twenty-four new fires got started Wednesday, but all were quickly contained (multiple new fires every day is actually the norm this time of year, so that wasn't even a record.)

The total number of wildfires still burning in the state is twenty, with thirteen classified as major incidents. Over 11.000 firefighters are on the front lines, which is down quite a bit from the peak a few weeks ago, which was well over 20,000. The Zogg fire in Shasta County is now 100% contained, and the Glass fire in Napa and Sonoma counties is now 97% contained. All of the other fires in the north state but one are at last half contained, and several are very close to full containment, as are all the fires burning in Southern California. So as of this time the catastrophe looks like it's just about over— knock on wood, if you can find any un-burned.

I'm still planning on making another shopping trip soon, hopefully Friday, though I haven't checked Safeway's ad yet. CVS sent me another digital coupon for Ben & Jerry's ice cream cheap, and I want to get that, plus the last of my giant chocolate bars from Trader Joe's is almost gone, and that is one of my essential foods. I finally got around to making an actual dinner Wednesday night. I felt quite a bit less bad all day, and I think it's mainly because the wind blew the smoke away. The heat was not especially excruciating either, and it's only supposed to get a couple of degrees hotter today. It's supposed to remain windy through this evening, so maybe I can go on feeling less bad for another day.

Now I've lost track of time again, and I have dinner dishes not yet washed which I don't want to wake up to. I'll get those done now and hope I can get to sleep before five o'clock. It's possible I've gone back to standard time already, insofar as I'm on any sort of schedule at all. It really only feels like three o'clock to me right now.