September 24th, 2020

5th street los angeles 1905

Day Away (Also: Journal Entry 9000)

While the shopping trip was not great, it was decent, and I got several items I wasn't expecting, including two servings of Michelangelo's vegetarian lasagna, one of my favorite frozen entrees. A better deal is when Raley's has the family size package on its Monday sale for five bucks, which gives me three servings for a dollar less than I paid for two today, but when will I get to Raley's on a Monday again? A lasagna in the freezer is worth two in the store.

Because I forgot to buy donuts (one of the main things I was after) at Save Mart, I stopped by Grocery Outlet to get them. As usual when I go there I ended up buying other stuff I hadn't intended to get. I picked up a bottle of orange juice there, for a little over half what I'd paid for each of two bottles at Save Mart. Had I known I would end up at Grocery Outlet and they would have the juice (they don't always) I could have bought the first two there instead and saved over three bucks. That could have been another package of lasagna! But then I also got six dark chocolate Kit Kat bars. I didn't know they existed, and given that Grocery Outlet is clearing them out at 49 cents each, they probably won't exist much longer. I munched one when I got home and it's quite good.

So I'm stocked up on donuts, orange juice, milk, ramen, bread, frozen vegetables, and a number of other things, and can just not concern myself with foods for a couple of weeks. Sadly, I also forgot avocados, which were on sale, and they're usually pretty good at Save Mart (Safeway's are crap.) I was looking forward to having an avocado sandwich tonight, but I turned out to be too stupid.

As usual, going out left me tired, and I've had a couple of naps and have still nodded off in my chair a few times. As I don't want to fallout of it I'm going to go to bed. Without washing my dishes: Neither the ramen bowl, nor the spoon and fork. Maybe having a donut when I wake up will make Thursday a better day.

And, yes, this is my 9,000th journal entry at LJ. Not much of a prize, is it?