September 9th, 2020

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx

Reset Twelve, Day Four

For the last hour or so I've been watching live video of the Bear Fire, part of an earlier fire complex that flared up around ten o'clock Tuesday morning in the region east of Oroville, and in places has now burned all the way to the shore of the lake. When I got up Tuesday, shortly after noon, I went outside and sat in the back yard for a while, and a stiff breeze was coming up and little bits of ash were whirling about and glimmering in the early afternoon sunlight. The wind was stronger in the mountains, and that was what sent the fire rushing across the ridges and canyons from Plumas County into Butte County. Evacuation orders have been issued for populated areas east of Oroville. Earlier, smoke from that fire was floating into Chico, but the wind is now blowing it more southwest and our air is much less smelly. I'm sure the wind will shift again later and it will be smelly all day Wednesday.

Waking up has become more unpleasant lately. It's partly because I have fewer distractions than I used to have, and partly because every day is more like every other day than it used to be, partly because more stuff is hurting than there used to be, and partly just because it's been so damned hot. One or two of those things at a time I could deal with, but all of them at once just makes seeing a new day a dismal experience, even when I wake up fairly late in the day. And of course I still miss my cats, which is probably the worst part.

Middle of the night's not so enjoyable anymore either, but at least I've got a fresh supply of chocolate and a book to read. I'm going to go indulge in those now, as I'm sure that if I write any more it's bound to be depressing.