September 8th, 2020


Reset Twelve, Day Three, Part B

So I got the laundry done Monday, and remembered to put the wheelie bin out, and even ate something resembling dinner, and took a nap that only lasted about two hours. I survived the peak of the heat wave, and it might have been the last of them for this summer. Today will certainly be a lot cooler than Monday was. It was pretty smokey for much of the day, and likely to be so for quite some time to come. Even with less heat this will remain a hellish summer. Each day I'm more eager to see the rain return. It has happened in September before, but not often. Maybe October. I'm just so sick of the heat, I'd like to experience a genuinely cool day again before I die.

Suddenly sleepy again, but I haven't finished making my bed. I'll go do that now.