September 7th, 2020

bazille_summer scene

Reset Twelve, Sultry Days Two and Three

There was a Sunday, but I've mostly forgotten it. It was very hot. I saw Taylor the lizard in the backyard. Not many birds are out during the hot parts of the day, which is most of them, but early this morning I heard a cricket chirping somewhere down the bike path. It's the first one I've heard in several nights. The only reason I heard it was because I felt very tired about ten o'clock Sunday night and went in to take a nap and ended up sleeping until four o'clock in the morning. That's going to make today very weird.

I think I've got the whole place to myself right now. There is only one car in the parking lot, and it belongs to someone who also has a truck that isn't here, so I think everybody has gone off for the long weekend. Cars are rather sparse in the parking lot of the big apartment house next door, too. I can't blame anybody for wanting to get the hell out of Butte County right now. It is a sultry, smokey, pestilential hellhole these days. The predicted high in the hellhole today is 109. But we're supposed to get a break. Tuesday will only be 95, and Tuesday night will go down to 64. Yay. Open windows in about 14 hours!

For now i'm doing a morning cooling with the air conditioner. If I get the place down to 72 it will take a couple of hours to warm up the where the machine has to come back on, and by then my laundry should be done (nobody's here so it's a perfect time to get the laundry room to myself) and I'll probably be exhausted and can take a daytime nap. If I nap long enough I won't have to think about fixing any lunch, but just go straight to dinner. When the going gets weird, the weird get going. I just made that up.

The birds don't seem to mind being out this early, but so far I've only heard jays, a mourning dove, and some chirpy little thing I can't identify. I wonder what has become of my mockingbird?