July 31st, 2020

gericault_the raft of the medusa 2

Reset Eleven, Day Ten

A slightly encouraging trend has appeared in the extended weather forecasts. Triple digit highs have vanished, and starting next Wednesday three days in a row of highs of a mere 92 degrees are predicted. Perhaps the sun will not succeed in killing me before then, and I'll still be around to... well, not enjoy them, since 92 is still way too hot, but maybe just suffer less acutely than I have from July's horrifying days. The fact is I have been feeling pretty crappy for quite some time, the gallows flippancy of my recent entries notwithstanding, and I could really use a break from the extravagant Fahrenheitery. Seriously, summer, I need a break. I'm sure a cooling trend won't do anything to improve my overall health, but at least it would remove one source of my misery.

Back on Wednesday morning I woke up with a terrible cramp in my left calf. It took longer than usual to walk it off, and though it hasn't re-cramped, it has been noticeably sore ever since. I'm still feeling a soreness in it right now, something like forty hours later. My neck is also sometimes getting cramps in it when I turn over in bed. It's making it more difficult to get comfortable, or as near comfortable as I ever get anymore. And then aside from other random aches and pains, my stomach is still being cranky. At times lately I've wondered if I'm going to deprive the sun the pleasure of killing me by having some worn out body part finish me off first.

Perhaps the most irritating thing is that my sense of balance has been so unreliable for the lat few days that I've been reluctant to take a shower in that curtained tub this place has. I really miss the stall shower with multiple grab bars I had on the ridge. In lieu of a proper shower I've been giving myself half-assed sponge baths, which are actually done with a washcloth since I don't have a proper bathing sponge. It's really not satisfactory, and I'll soon have to just get under the broken shower and risk falling and breaking my neck, because my un-showered condition is one more source of ongoing discomfort. Aging is a drag.

One more bright spot is that I'm sure the apartment will cool down fairly well tonight. In a couple of hours I should be almost comfortable, aside from the sore calf, bloated stomach, creaky neck, and itchy skin. But hey, the sun didn't kill me. Yet.