July 29th, 2020

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx

Reset Eleven, Day Eight

Surviving yet again, I have bid Tuesday farewell, though without fondness. Tuesday bored me close to tears. The most exciting events were bringing the empty wheelie bin back from the street, watering the back yard, and... well, I guess that was it. Dinner was half a can of baked beans and... well, again, that was it. Right now I'm munching on a few pecans, the last of my non-peanut nut supply. They are pretty tasty, and I guess that makes them the third most exciting thing to happen today, and also the rest of my dinner.

This evening I checked my data usage on my cell phone/internet hot spot, I found that it has already topped 30GB for the month. I've forgotten check it for the last couple of months, but I was expecting it to be higher than it used to be back when I used to go out for an hour or two every day. I'm also watching more videos than I used to, and web sites that I visit seem to be forcing more video ads on me as well. The bandwidth adds up. I haven't noticed my speed being choked yet, though T-Mobile said that that might happen when my data usage tops 30GB. Maybe they're giving us pandemic bonus.

It seems like we had more airplanes going to and from the airport than usual Tuesday. I heard about half a dozen jets fly over the neighborhood. I saw a couple of them, and I don't think they were CalFire water droppers, so maybe the airport is just resuming something closer to normal activities, despite the non-normal situation. California's virus infection rate has taken a slight dip after a couple of weeks of steady rises, and even Butte County has flattened a bit, though it's still way too high everywhere for people to be doing much traveling. I think I'll pretend it's just the Russians landing troops to prop up the collapsing Trump administration. That would be less disturbing.

I'm getting a bit sleepy now, so after a few minutes outside listening to the crickets I'll probably hop into bed. It's going to be too warm in here, but that can't be helped unless I want to make next month's electric bill take a big leap. Which I don't. I'll pretend I'm lying on a tropical beach. Waiting for the Russians.