July 25th, 2020


Reset Eleven, Day Four

A minor catastrophe involving an almost full glass of beer led to the soaking of much of my table and the ensoggiment of much of my dinner. A fitting end to this annoying Friday. The heat made my brief forays into the backyard almost unbearable, while the general murkiness that descends on my brain when the temperature rises made all my indoor activities sluggish and muddled. The various and sundry physical and mental irritations brought on by age were intensified by the near-constant drone and drafts from the air conditioning equipment.

In short, I've been mostly miserable all day, and due to the continuing elevated temperatures expected to prevail through most of the night there will be no true respite. The only thing good is that the next couple of weeks are likely to be worse, which is, of course, not good at all, except in the sense that the true misery has not yet begun, so tonight I am one lucky chump. Yay, things are merely awful, and not yet horrendous!

But I don't want to complain (a lie.) I want to concentrate on all the genuinely good things that are happening (true.) It's just that, at the moment, there aren't any. Well, I suppose that the fact that nothing electric appears to have been damaged in the beer spilling fiasco is good, but then that's not so much a good thing that happened as it is a bad thing that didn't happen. Maybe bad things not happening is as good as I'm going to get right now. No planes have crashed into my apartment. Murder hornets have not yet made an appearance locally. The beer that got spilled was not my last bottle. Hooray.

Actually there was one good thing I discovered today. For the last several days I've noticed birds occasionally visiting the far corner of my backyard, down at the unpaved end, which has been taken over by large volunteer plants i can't identify. Now and then the birds have emerged from the tangled jumble with something in their beaks. Since I can't get close to that area, thanks tot he abundance of plants, I didn't know what it was, but this afternoon I spotted something odd on the creeper vine that grows from that corner of the yard and extends along most of the fence. Looking closely I saw four small bunches of green grapes. The unidentified creeper vine is a grape vine! I ate one of the grapes, and it was a bit sour. I don't know if they will turn sweet later, but even if they don't at least I've got actual food of a sort growing in my backyard.

Oh, and one other good thing is that today I cut into the Crenshaw melon I bought at Safeway and it is quite good. Not as good as a casaba, but still quite good. I probably have enough for four more slices. I hope I can remember that it is in the refrigerator, and eat the rest of it before it goes bad.

Now if only I could remember to quit clenching my jaw so tightly. It's getting sore.