July 24th, 2020


Reset Eleven, Day Three

There was ramen for dinner Thursday, with some of the squash and mushrooms I got at Trader Joe's a few days ago, as well as some carrots and a bit of celery. My vegetable consumption has been too limited recently. It was better when I shopped every week, plus made runs to nearby stores in between. Now I have to plan to keep things on hand for a longer time, and not every vegetable keeps that well. Frozen stuff might be an option, but most frozen vegetables leave me cold (ha) and besides, I tend to forget they are there.

My neck has gotten farther out of whack over the last couple of days and is being very annoying, making it unpleasant to sit in one position for more then a few minutes. So far it isn't preventing me from sleeping, but that could change. It would be a greater problem if I were literally, rather than figuratively, climbing the walls. Far from growing more accustomed to being stuck at home all the time, I'm just getting more restless and annoyed. If there were a pleasant place to walk in the neighborhood I could do that, but the perimeter of the shopping center parking lot is not appealing, nor are any of the nearby streets. I'm so ready to be one with this pandemic, but I know the pandemic is nowhere near done with us. I wish I'd been born in Taiwan, or New Zealand. Some place not batshit incompetent.

It's going to be hotter again today, and then we get the first of several warmer nights in a row. I got my PG&E bill today, and it's the highest one I've had since moving to Chico. That's thanks to the heat. Next month's bill will probably be just as high. I'm as done with this summer as I am with this pandemic, and won't soon be rid of it either. And right now I'm suddenly very tired, so I'm going to bed. I probably won't even read anything tonight.