July 23rd, 2020


Reset Eleven, Day Two

Around three o'clock Wednesday afternoon I drank some coffee, and I'm still awake going on twelve hours later. With luck, I might crash in an hour or two. For now, I'm exhausted but not sleepy. I did remember to do the laundry, but never got around to fixing any dinner. The large meal I made Tuesday night left me feeling stuffed even by the next morning. The lack of exercise might have something to do with it. My metabolism is getting as slow as my brain.

While sitting in the back yard late in the afternoon I heard a jet engine, and stood up to look for the plane but couldn't see it over the fence, though it must have been only a few hundred feet away. I thought it might be one of CalFire's water dropping planes, though none of the several fires currently burning in California are in this area. There was one near Oroville on the 20th, but it is out now. I guess I'll never find out what that plane was doing flying so low over the neighborhood.

Earlier tonight I was listening to the crickets, but for some reason they have fallen silent now. They usually sing all night when it is as mild as it is tonight. This is really the most pleasant night we've had in quite a while, and I'll probably go back out and enjoy it for a while before trying to get to sleep. I just found myself yawning, so maybe it won't be too long. I just hope my neck doesn't keep me awake, as I've managed to get it out of alignment again and it has been irritating me all evening. It seems like it's just one damned thing after another around here anymore.