July 20th, 2020


The Foods!

The shopping trip got done Sunday after all, so now I'm free for the week, if being stuck in the apartment all the time can be thought of as free. Though actually, I forgot to buy one item and the stores were out of another, so I might try to make a run to Trader Joe's this afternoon, or evening more likely, since the afternoons are so hot. I thought about going Sunday evening, but was tired after all the earlier shopping, and the heat was just stultifying, so I stayed in and drank lemonade with fizzy water instead. I got three eight-packs of half liter bottles of fizzy water, so that should keep me for a few weeks.

Neither store had casaba melons, so I compromised with a crenshaw from Safeway. Crenshaws are the non-casaba melons most similar to casaba, though I still don't like them as much. Once I cut it, it will have to be refrigerated, which means I'l have to make room for it. My refrigerator is quite stuffed, so that won't be easy. The melon is not quite ripe yet, so it can sit on the counter for a couple of days, though I doubt I'll be able to resist cutting into it tomorrow. It is tantalizing me right now, in fact, but I don't think I'll give in tonight.

I'm a bit surprised I didn't fall asleep early tonight, given all the day's toil and excitement (I pushed a shopping cart! I saw live people!,) not to mention the persistent heat. Indeed, I nodded of several times, but then went in to change into more comfortable clothes, suitable for napping, and somehow that woke me up. My mind grows ever more perverse. Now that it's cooler I can turn off the air conditioner and turn on the fan and open some windows. Maybe if I go out and listen to the crickets chirp for a while I'll get sleepy again.