July 10th, 2020


Reset Ten, Day... Three?

I've lost track. Recent sleep patterns have confused me. I think it was Tuesday I went to Grocery Outlet, and I haven't been out since, though I think about it every afternoon. It's just way too hot. I'm almost out of chocolate though, and I'm not sure I can survive without that, so either I have to brave the heat and get to Trader Joe's within a few days or I have to get somebody to pick some up for me. A terrible addiction. I should have started using heroin instead. It would be easier to do without.

Looking at the weather forecast is almost unbearable. Loads of triple digit days, and the rest of them in the high nineties. My head already feels as though it is stuffed with sand. My stomach also feels stuffed, even though I've eaten very little today. It's probably from the half gallon or so of liquids I've downed, trying to avoid dehydration. I'm surprised that my sweat isn't creating weather in the apartment. In short, it's pretty damned miserable in here. How nice it would be to spend an afternoon at the beach. But there's no way I'd be travelling that distance, even if I had the opportunity. I think I'm stuck here for the duration.