July 5th, 2020

caillebotte_man at his window

Reset Nine, Day Three

Saturday night I went out to check the mailbox just in time to see the full moon rising. What I did not know was that there was about to be a penumbral eclipse. It ran from just after eight o'clock to just before eleven, our time, and I didn't see it. I've gotten out of touch with the sky since I've lived in the mini-metropolis. I've gotten out of touch with a lot of things. It's like an eclipse of the brain.

For example I'm out of touch with the contents of my kitchen cupboards. The few shelves I can easily reach are crammed with stuff, and I tend to forget it's there. I just found a package of cookies I didn't recall I had. They are quite stale. I think I might have bought them over a year ago. With luck, eating them won't make me sick. If they do I'll probably know by the time I wake up today (no, I haven't been to sleep yet) as I just at two. If I don't toss those two up I'll eat more in the morning, or whatever time I wake up, as I finished the last of my donuts Saturday morning.

I could have walked down to Grocery Outlet to get more donuts Saturday afternoon— or maybe I couldn't, as I felt like crap all day. I certainly wish I could have done it, as cookies, especially stale cookies, are not an ideal substitute. But the days are hot, and my energy shot, and the world full of viral threats. But what the hell, maybe I'll go this afternoon. Though probably not. It's pretty clear my energy fades a little bit more every day. The world running down, me running with it, slower and slower. I'd sure like another donut before it all stops, though.

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