June 27th, 2020

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx

Reset Eight, Day Two

I don't remember much about Friday. It could be that the brain cells with which I recorded its events boiled away in the heat. One thing I know I did was laundry, as I can see some of it stacked nearby. I also spent some time on a web site I've lately neglected, and I know this because it generated some emails. Dinner was a bowl of microwaved ramen again, thanks to the heat which made use of the real stove too unpleasant.

It will continue to be hot all night and all day Saturday, but late Saturday night/early Sunday morning should bring a bit of relief. It could get all the way down to 65 degrees. Something to live for, I guess. Something else to live for is going to sleep in a few minutes, after a bit of chocolate. I'm really hoping that, 24 hours from now, it will actually be comfortable in here, and without the air conditioner running.