June 5th, 2020

5th street los angeles 1905

Off Again

My schedule seems to be slipping again. I didn't get to sleep until after five o'clock Thursday morning, and it might be even later today. Even though I get very tired I'm unable to sleep. Then I wake up too early and can't get back to sleep again. It makes for very long days, though it usually ends with an evening on which I'm unable to keep my eyes open and I take a long nap and my schedule gets even weirder. That might be today. One never knows.

But Thursday I decided late in the afternoon to go to Grocery Outlet, so I would have donuts again. I waited until half past seven, but it was still much too hot for such a long walk. I was exhausted by the time I got there, and coming back with two bags of stuff was even more exhausting. That almost became a nap might, but somehow didn't. Anyway I've got donuts and some other stuff, including four frozen dinners, for those nights when I don't feel like cooking but don't really want ramen either.

It feels like I've let myself get overtired, and my brain is even more muddled than usual, and I certainly hope I can sleep. I remember when I used to have a device on which I could listen to music in bed. It would help me relax. Maybe I ought to get one of those again.