May 24th, 2020

caillebotte_man at his window

Back to Zero Again

Oh, my, look at the time. I lost track. Saturday was a busy day, going to two supermarkets with pretty long lists for each. A few things I wanted weren't available, and a couple of things I forgot, but on the whole I'd say it was a success. I'll probably have to make a couple of runs to nearby stores over the next few weeks, but I'm probably not going to need to go to the bigger stores again for at least another three weeks, and maybe not even for a month.

One thing I really regret forgetting was a very good deal on beer. I was going to get some Modelo dark, if they had any, but didn't even look for it when I went down the aisle it was on. Shopping is a trial for me even under the best circumstances. When I'm trying to get out of the place as quickly as possible it gets even worse. If I survive this pandemic I expect I'm going to hate shopping more than ever, it's been so stressful.

Speaking of shopping, I noticed today as we passed by it that the local Goodwill store is open again. The thought of all those books is very tempting, books always having been one of the very few exceptions to my shopping aversion, but I don't think I'll go. Their parking lot was quite full, and the place has always been a bit of a zoo anyway. A lot of my fellow poors are probably eager to get back there to buy some cheap used clothes or replace that pan with the broken handle or the cups the kids broke while they were spending more time at home after the schools wee closed down. And Sunday is a tag sale day, so extra crowds. It would be quite stupid of me to got here today.

But all those books, just waiting to be discovered.

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