May 17th, 2020

caillebotte_man at his window

Reset Four, Day Six

The rain that was due Sunday arrived early, before sunset Saturday evening. It has been falling slowly but steadily for the last few hours. I like hearing it drip in the downspouts. There's not much other entertainment available. But I am getting rather tired. My brain doesn't like coming up with words and forming them into sentences anymore. It shows, doesn't it?

Dinner was a bowl of half-assed nachos heated in the microwave. I'm out of chips now. I'm out of several things, and low on others, and will have to go to a store soon. It will probably have to be after the rain, which is likely to last through Tuesday. I might aim for late in the week. I so enjoy not shopping that I wish I could go on doing it. Or not doing it. Whatever I mean. I'm not sure anymore.

My unadjusted neck is bringing me increasing misery. Every few days I get a headache. This whole getting old crap is a drag. I wish I'd gone to the beach more when I was younger. I might have died of skin cancer by now and not have had to go through the last couple of years. I enjoyed the beach, even though I couldn't swim. Just lying there in the sun, or the shade of a big umbrella, and listening to the waves was very calming. Standing int he roiling surf was fun too. A receding wave would hollow out the sand under your feet and make it feel like you were going to fall into the ocean. Going to meet Cthulhu. Oblivion. Very relaxing.

I took a shower today and again forgot to trim my hair, because I forgot to put the scissors next to the faucet. Life would be easier if I were less of a muddleheaded dolt. But I guess it's too late now. It can't be helped. But at least I'm enjoying the rain, and I've got some chocolate, and a book about cats to read. I can tolerate life for another boring night I suppose. And tomorrow is another boring day in the mini-metropolis. This place is not really my place, and I guess never will be. What isn't anymore just isn't. So it goes.

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