May 15th, 2020


Reset Four, Day Four

The kitchen faucet is dripping into a bowl and laying down some phat beats. I'd go turn it off, but I'm enjoying it. This is how desperate I've become for distraction. This afternoon one of the mourning doves who hangs around sometimes was making its mournful calls for quite some time, and I stayed outside and listened until it flew away. Quite desperate for distraction.

The most interesting event of the day? A tossup between DJ Faucet and Mourning Dove. I'm hoping something exciting will happen in the book I'll be reading from tonight, but it probably won't. It's one of Cleveland Amory's books about his cat. I started it last night, and Fell asleep not long after. I probably ought to have read another book in which somebody gets murdered. Those tend to keep me awake longer, though tonight even that might not work. I'm fair exhausted from having done nothing all day. I probably won't do anything Friday either. I'll be so tired before all this is over!

It smells very good outside tonight. The air is still a bit damp from the rain, and is also redolent of new growth. As it's going to warm up a bit today I expect to go back to the usual springtime sneezing. But for now the green smell of growing things is enjoyable. All the dishes are done, so I think I'll go out and sit a spell. There's been hardly any traffic on the freeway for the last couple of hours, so it's almost as restful as Paradise used to be at night. If only we had some frogs to listen to.