May 3rd, 2020

caillebotte_man at his window

Reset the Second, Day the Eighth

There are ants in the kitchen again. Not as many as there were last time, but quite a few more than the occasional stray I've seen for the last few months. I just saw one scurrying across the top of my monitor. This time I didn't squash it. I don't know why. It just seemed so lonely up there by itself, while its cohorts over on the counter by the sink are partying, that it made me sad to think of it dying alone here.

Its cohorts will soon get wiped up and washed down the drain, while this one explorer will probably wander about the tabletop and among my stacks of papers and other oddments and perhaps still die alone, even if I never see it again. Of course if it comes onto my screen all bets are off. Having an ant on my screen irritates me no end, and I probably will squash it. Then my finger will smell of formic acid until I wash it— probably as I'm washing its cohorts down the drain.

For dinner I mad tuna sandwiches. this time I remembered to chop a bit of celery into the mix, and it's amazing how much that bit of crunch improves the experience of eating them. Someday I'll remember to hard boil an egg to cut up into it, and then I will have the tuna sandwiches I remember from my childhood. I don't know why it is so hard for me to remember the egg. I always seem to recall it only as I'm mixing all the ingredients together, and I always miss it when I'm eating the sandwiches. But I'm glad I at least remembered the celery this time. That I usually remember only when I'm halfway through eating.

I don't know what became of Saturday. I got next to nothing done. I do remember reading a couple of chapters of a book and then (not surprisingly) falling asleep in the middle of a page, but then I woke up about an hour later. Still, if feels like there should have been more to the day. Maybe I bored myself out of my memory. But I ate dinner pretty close to dinnertime, so I need a bedtime snack now, but not a very big one. There are some small ramen cups I picked up at the health food store and I might try one of those. It should be small enough to leave room for a fw bites of chocolate before I fall asleep readinga bit more of that page I fell asleep reading earlier.

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