March 11th, 2020



Yay! I saw my lizard climbing the fence in my back yard Tuesday afternoon. It was the high point of an otherwise tedious day. Most of it I spent rooting around in papers that I've failed to keep organized. I need to get more living expenses from my insurance claim, and that means sending them a bunch of photocopies of the bank's photocopies of my rent checks, plus copies of my rental agreement and such. Wednesday I will get a ride to get all the copies made and then mail them from the actual post office, either registered or certified mail, I forget which it is.

Anyway, that took up the whole day and much of the night, but the place does look tidier, and now I know where quite a few things are, though it's likely I'll soon forget. Bin busy means I didn't get around to fixing dinner, so I just ate a bowl o very spicy ramen, which I hope won't keep me awake tonight with indigestion. Not only o I have to go get photocopies tomorrow, but I have to go to Grocery Outlet for donuts. I'm still hoping they'll have a couple of other things I need, so I won't have to make more trips to the stores this week. The number of known COVID-10 cases in California has topped 100, most of them in the northern part of the state, where i am, so I need to get more serious about isolating myself as much as possible. I'm probably going to miss some good book deals at the Goodwill store. But then dead guys don't read much, do they?
laszlo moholy-nagy_chx

Humped Day

The papers for the insurance company are all copied and enveloped and mailed, and it was all done by two o'clock in the afternoon. On the way back we stopped at Grocery Outlet and I was able to get my donuts and a few other items I needed, though I'l still need to go to at least one other store to get the rest of them. Perhaps I'll go Friday. Grocery Outlet is now providing a container of anti-bacterial wipes and a roll of paper towels near the front door. I used a wipe on the handles of the handbasket I might going to hell in. Things that also went into the handbasket included a loaf of rye bread, just in case I get a corned beef this week and am alive enough to make sandwiches with the leftovers.

After sitting around the apartment for a couple of hours I felt in need of exercise, so I went for a walk, and the walk of course too me by the poor people's petri dish Goodwill store, so naturally I went in. I ended up with more books, and indeed got to replace three that I lost in the fire, including two by Edith Hamilton: Mythology, which was one of the first books I checked out of the Alhambra Public Library when I got my first card there when I was about twelve, and The Greek Way. I also replaced my lost copy of Frazer's The Golden Bough, one of the great books on the origins of western culture.

Appropriately to the time, I also got a copy of Jared Diamond's Guns, Germs and Steel, thought by many to be one of the great books about the likely end of western civilization. I've been meaning to get a copy for ages, but this is the first time a copy in decent condition has showed up at that store. And so I could get exactly a dollar off with the senior discount, I picked up one more paperback, The Penguin Guide to Medieval Europe, by Richard Barber. I haven't heard that this is a great book, but perhaps that's only because I'm not a penguin.Oh, wait, Penguin is the publisher. Never mind.

Yes, I washed my hands very thoroughly on returning to the apartment (both times,) and I'll probably leave the five new books sitting untouched for three days, so any viruses on them will have time to die. One bad turn deserves another, and they'd do it for me. Whether or not I'll be bringing any more book-born viruses into the place depends on how the local news breaks over the next few days. Sunday is a blue tag sale, and I did see a few items with blue tags I'd like to have, but if the pandemic has gone public here by then I probably won't go out.

gracegiver suggested that the lizard who returned to my yard yesterday deserves a name. At first I thought (rather unimaginatively) that I might call it Liz, but I don't know if it's male or female, or perhaps intersex, which I believe may actually be the norm in most lizard species. Finally I decided to call it Taylor, which is a nice unisex name. When in the future I refer to Taylor, I'll be talking about the lizard Taylor.