March 5th, 2020


Low Energy

The second sleep Wednesday morning having been rather poor, I had less energy than I'd hoped and was thus less ambitious. I had intended to walk over to the health food store in its odd cubby on the wrong side of the road, but didn't. Instead I just made the usual trip to the Goodwill store, where I did find an appealing book that wasn't there yesterday. It's another large format picture book, called American Then and Now. It has historic photos matched with contemporary (early 1990s, when the book was published) views of the same places or, if they are not views of places, the same subject. Hours of viewing pleasure, I'm sure.

One thing I did manage to get done was get through PG&E's complex and yet clunky message system to report my missing February bill. They will resend it, though I'm not sure it will arrive in time that I'll be able to avoid a late fee for it next month. And I also got the plants in the back yard watered. The hot weather had left the soil rather dry, and I'm sure they were glad for the drink. The main bush on the fence is already blooming, with about a dozen white flowers open and a few hundred buds that will soon blossom. I don't know of that particular plant is among those making me sneeze, but I am still sneezing a lot, and getting a runny nose.

I've also picked up a few more mosquito bites, all on my hands this time. I haven't seen my lizard yet this year, and I'm getting a bit worried. It ought to be out sunning itself on the concrete wall every afternoon by now. I hope it didn't get munched by some larger creature.

Since I didn't allow myself a nap tonight I'm feeling sleepy now, and I hope I can sleep better than last night. One problem might be the indigestion my dinner gave me. That might keep me awake. And I've just realized I have no antacids in the house at all. I do have some almond meal, which some health food fanatics claim is a superior method of treating acid indigestion, so maybe I'll try that (I usually use it to add a bit of protein and some extra flavor to cooked cereals.) If it doesn't work. I'll be reduced to chewing Tic Tac peppermint gum.

Thursday Again

Still possessed of more ambition than energy, I managed two short outings today, one to Grocery Outlet for donuts, where I ended up also buying a few other things I didn't need, and then to the Goodwill store to check on the books. There was a copy of the complete works of Poe that I decided not to buy, as it was in rather bad condition as well as more expensive than most of their books, and Poe is pretty depressing anyway. I don't need dead guys to depress me. I can do that on my own.

But I did stop at Taco Bell on the way back to get a burrito for dinner. There was plenty of stuff here I could have fixed, but I'd rather have mediocre fast food prepared by an asymptomatic kid infected with the corona virus. I really, really don't enjoy cooking, even in the microwave.

Then on the way home I noticed Venus in the west. This was well after sunset, since I got a late start going out. I can't see any stars in the washed out sky of the mini-metropolis, but Venus, being a planet, gets really bright. Saturn is supposed to be pretty bright now, too, but it rises very late and I'd have to get up (or still be awake) before dawn to see it rising in the east. On March 18, one hour before sunrise, Jupiter, Mars, and the waning crescent moon will be very close together in the east, with Saturn a little bit farther down toward the horizon. That would be an interesting sight, but I'll probably be dead from the virus by then since I can't remember not to rub my eyes, which have been uncommonly itchy lately.

Tomorrow being Friday I'm tempted to make a stab at going somewhere on the bus, depending on how much energy I have. I know I was planning on staying in more while we are in pandemic preparation mode, but I find the prospect of boredom worse than the prospect of a miserable death, especially since the latter is pretty much an inevitability sooner or later anyway. Why not take a shot at getting it over with sooner? Plus staying in virtually eliminates the chance of a much quicker death from being mowed down by a careless motorist while walking across, or even along, one of Chico's many pedestrian-hostile streets. Reducing boredom by tempting fate. Sounds like a win/win.