February 23rd, 2020

caillebotte_man at his window

Stretching Out

There are now donuts. The trek to Grocery Outlet was not too tiring, and I made it do double duty by stopping at the Mexican restaurant in the shopping center next door and buying a luxury lunch of tamale and enchilada. The food there has been a bit too salty in the past, but today it was quite good, so I've made a mental note that the guy who cooks on Saturday is better than the others. I'm not sure what my mental notes are worth anymore, my memory being what it is, so maybe I'll write it on my take-out menu as well.

The portions were, as usual in our ever more gustatorially extravagant world, too large, but not large enough to split into two meals, and rather than have a leftover mini-meal taking up the limited real estate in my refrigerator I just ate the whole thing. That, of course, left me too stuffed all afternoon to go do anything else. But I needed to tackle the laundry anyway, so that's what I did with the rest of the afternoon. I'll try to make it to the Goodwill store for the Sunday tag sale.

A tentative promise has appeared in the weather forecast. There is now a 40% chance of rain on the first day of March. That's little enough, and terribly late, but at this point I think we have to take what we can get. I hope we do get it, as the sense of desiccation in these parts is powerful. Last spring's extravagant displays of wildflowers don't seem even a remote possibility this year. Walking back from the store this afternoon I grew so warm I'd have removed my jacket, had my hands not both been full with bags of food. There is something terrible in a balmy February. It's going to be terrible all of this week.

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