February 17th, 2020

gericault_the raft of the medusa 2


Still Sunday, though just barely. Tossing and turning in the latter stages of an evening nap, I couldn't tell if it was still evening or nearly dawn tomorrow, just as I couldn't know which of the bits of blanket that were trying to strangle me were or weren't attached to the bits of blanket that were trying to yank me off the bed and onto the floor where I would die. None of that happened, and I just woke up still sick and miserable and with the residue of a sad dream I can feel but not remember, clinging like an odor.

I crave lemonade. I wonder if I could get a nephew to pick up a bottle somewhere tomorrow and drop it off? I should probably have him pick up something more nutritious as well. since the sore throat is keeping me from eating very much. I just found the residue of a carton of Cool Whip I had left over from that pumpkin pie a few weeks ago, and I'm downing that. Not very pleasant, but at least not especially painful to swallow.

After buying several used DVDs recently, I finally got around to trying to play one. Something in Windows must have changed. When I used to put a disc in the player an application that played it would pop up, but now nothing happens. I can find Windows Media Player, but can't figure out how to make it work. The thing that used to pop up an play automatically was called Windows Media Center, and I can't find hide nor hair of that. So I guess I'm stuck with books until I can figure out how this computer stuff works. Maybe another task for a nephew, if I can find one.

My head's hurting right now, and the sweet stuff is annoying me more than I thought it would, so I'm going to go try find something else to eat. Probably ramen. Maybe I can sleep some more soon, even though I'm way more tired than I am sleepy. Oh. looks like Sunday is over. It's hard to keep track anymore.