February 12th, 2020


Tuesday Follies

Still getting dumber every day. Since I woke up fairly early I decided to take a bus to Safeway. Tuesday was the last day of a sale that included a roasted chicken for $4.99 (they are usually $7.99.) But the card the store sent me from my change of address included a coupon for three dollars of a roasted chicken, so I could get a chicken for two bucks. I don't like chicken all that much, but enough for two meals and maybe a couple of snacks for two bucks seemed like a really good deal.

So I set off to the bus stop about ten minutes before it was due. The bus was late, though which was sort of lucky since I suddenly realized that I'd forgotten the paper coupon. So I went home and fetched it. I returned to the bus stop, hoping the bus would be even later, but the bus I wanted didn't arrive. The other bus arrived first. Each of the two buses passes a Safeway, but the less inconvenient one was to one the first bus would have taken me to. Since it seemed I had missed that bus, I took the other one and went to the more inconvenient Safeway, which takes longer.

With lots of time to kill before I could get a bus home I went first to a Mexican ice cream parlor nearby that I've been wanting to try and put off Safeway so I could pick up the chicken as near time or the bus home as I dared. The ice cream parlor had very slow service, but eventually I got an avocado paleta, which is an interesting confection. It doesn't taste a whole lot like avocado, but it is not unpleasant, and the quality of the ice cream itself turned out to be quite good. Their stuff is expensive, but the paletas are the cheapest item at $2.15, and I was getting a chicken for two bucks, so I figured I could blow a couple more on an ice cream bar.

After finishing the ice cream I walked over to Safeway and found most of the various items I wanted, then picked up the chicken last. I remembered to bring an extra bag to wrap around it, as a bit of insulation, and made sure the cold items I was getting went into a different bag. I was quite pleased at how I'd gotten everything done, properly and in a timely manner. I had to wait only about five minutes for the bus, so I was sure the chicken would still be warm enough when I got it home. It wasn't until I got off the bus and was walking up my street that I suddenly realized that I had forgotten something. I'd forgotten to use the damned paper coupon at the checkout.

So I forgot the same thing twice in one day. These Homer Simpson moments are becoming far too frequent. I guess I'm lucky I didn't leave the bags of groceries on the bus bench. But I'm sure I can look forward to the day when I'll forget things like this and then never realize that I've forgotten them. That's the great thing about dementia, I guess. Eventually you get to the point where you can't even remember you've got it.
gericault_the raft of the medusa 2


Sick as a dog. Tuesday night around eleven I started feeling a soreness in my throat. By the time I got to sleep it had become very uncomfortable, and when I woke up Wednesday morning swallowing had become excruciating, I just stayed in all day, sleeping as much as possible. I can't tell if I've got a fever or not, as the thermometer is one of the things I never got around to replacing.

I do have a cough, and severe post-nasal drip, which necessitates a lot of unpleasant swallowing. Sitting at the computer with a throw over me is tedious, as all my joints are sore too. I have no idea what to do next since my brain is extra muddled from illness. I should probably eat something. Ramen most likely, since it is soft. All I've eaten all day is a donut and a cup of coffee with lots of milk. At least I think so. I don't remember the day very much. I think I want to go back to sleep now. I haven't called anyone to come over, since I'm probably highly contagious. I didn't even go check my mailbox today.