February 7th, 2020

gericault_raft of the medusa 1


I totally forgot to post anything. Well, I pretty much forgot the whole day, actually. I recall thinking about taking a bus somewhere, but ended up not doing it, and then I went to the Goodwill store, but didn't find any more books to buy, and finally stopped at the Dollar Tree to pick up a couple of packages of cheap tissues. I've been running low due to that persistent cold I had. My nose still gets runny periodically, and then just stops for no apparent reason.

Anyway, everything else is fuzzy. I napped a couple of times but didn't sleep well. There's a headache that is aggravated by the periodic cough that returns with nightfall. I used to get coughs at nightfall when I was a kid, so it's another example of childhood conditions recrudescing with age. I'm hoping I can sleep better tonight, as I really do have to get to the bank tomorrow.

At least it's not as cold tonight as it has been for the last couple of nights. The weekend is supposed to get warmer but windy. Next Tuesday could get up to 70 degrees. There is no serious promise of rain in the next two weeks. Winter is fizzling out, it seems. I'm in no position to be pointing fingers, though. Feeling pretty fizzley myself.