February 4th, 2020

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx

Monday Monday

This afternoon a small, grey bird came into my back yard and pecked around a bit, making a couple of stops to drink a bit of water from the tip of the garden hose, which drips ever so slowly. The mockingbird also visited, to stayed on a branch of the bush along the fence, and sang for several minutes. There was also a squirrel who made a quick run across the roof and leaped into a tree down the path to the east. I haven't been hearing any waterfowl pass over by night, though. During the recent rainy spell I heard a flock or two almost nightly. I don't think they are emigrating yet. They were most likely visiting some of the ponds that form in this area when it rains. If the long range forecast is accurate, I'm unlikely to be hearing them again for at least a couple of weeks. No rain is in sight.

It's possible that I'll be getting arid to Safeway tomorrow, though today I only made it as far as Grocery Outlet. I needed donuts, but was lucky to find decent orange juice (which I just ran out of) and some grapefruit juice too. I also snagged an avocado and a mango, both of which were quite reasonable, and because I had a coupon for five dollars off a purchase of fifteen dollars or more I also picked up a big box of European candies to put my sum over the top. They are little bars of chocolate with various fillings, and there are 28 ounces of them. This was probably a bad decision, as I get more sugar then I need already.

I need to start psyching myself up to get to the bank on Friday. I also need to let the insurance company know that I'll soon be needing more of the money from the loss-of-use fund. I've only got a couple more months or rent in the account right now. The insurance is supposed to pay my rent for three years, and there is plenty in the fund to cover it. In fact I could move to a considerably more expensive apartment and it would still be covered. I've thought about doing that, but finding a place and moving is such a hassle, even when you have very little stuff to move.

I made a pot of chili for dinner tonight, and though it was fairly tasty it isn't making me feel very good. Probably another mistake. And I've got at least three more servings left over. It's likely to be a rough week.

Now Day is Done

I went to Safeway this afternoon and many items found their way into my basket and ended up in my cupboards or refrigerator, or in the vicinity of same, as I am short of storage space. But I got up too early today, and now I am at risk of falling off my chair as I keep nodding off, and the lolling of my head is threatening to snap my neck. I must go sleep, and thus am likely to wake up in the dark of this cold night at some ungodly hour such as four o'clock, and be miserable and depressed. So no long journal entry tonight, though I went to the Goodwill store too, and bought some books. News of them will have to wait. I feel very accomplished and sad. Goodnight, Internets.