February 1st, 2020

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx

Friday Was January's Rear End

It took longer to fix dinner than I thought it would, so I'm running pretty late again. I didn't manage to get to the bus-accessible store Friday, but I did get to the Goodwill store and found that the bookshelves had been extensively restocked since I was last there on Thursday. Still I didn't see many books I was interested in, and most of those I'm willing let sit until the tag sale on Sunday. But I did buy one book, which didn't have a brown tag and thus won't be on sale this week, and I didn't want to risk losing it.

In the early 1960's I collected several books by Jack Kerouac, all of which burned in the fire, but there was one in particular I didn't have, which is the one I found today. Visions of Cody is a barely fictional novel primarily about the character Kerouac called Dean Moriarty in On the Road, then called Cody Pomeray in some of his later books, but who was in fact his friend Neal Cassady, a legendary figure in midcentury American bohemia. Visions was written in 1951-52, about the same time as On the Road, but only excerpts were published prior to 1972, which is why I didn't have a copy. In fact the one I just bought is the first copy of it I've ever seen. The copy is in pretty bad shape (you might say it's beat, ha ha) but I bought it anyway, as I don't know if I'll ever see another one.

It appears that January has come to an end and I didn't notice. I should probably have a drink to its memory, to more quickly forget it. It was not the best of months. I still have lingering effects from the cold I had, and my energy levels are still declining steadily. I'd like to think things will improve with the onset of spring, but given my history of allergies I fear things might even get a bit worse once the pollen starts messing with me. Maybe I shouldn't try to forget January after all. By May I might ant to look back on it as a golden age.