January 27th, 2020

caillebotte_man at his window


Here I've gone and lost track of time again, and didn't even notice when midnight went by. Lateness has been happening all day. I was going to do some laundry this afternoon, but forgot, and by the time I remembered, somebody else had snagged the laundry room. Then I was going to go check out Kmart, but got distracted, and by the time I remembered what I wanted to do it was just too late. Later I went to the Goodwill store and then to CVS, but when I was across the parking lot from CVS it looked oddly dark. When I got to the store I saw a sign announcing their new, shorter hours. It had closed at five o'clock, and I was too late.

But at least I got lucky at the Goodwill store again. It turns out they were having a tag sale, an everything with a green price tag was half price. Sadly there were no books with green tags that I wanted, but I decided to check the two shelves that have DVDs on them. I've looked at their DVD selection before, and found nothing at all I wanted. It's very heavy on explosion movies, dumbass comedies, thrillers, and assorted crap of the sort I associate with the duller cable channels. Just loads of stuff I'd never watch. But today they had a copy of Gosford Park, and it had a green tag, so instead of $2.99 it was $1.49. I'd pay a buck and half just to see Maggie Smith get snarky, let alone everything else in this movie. So now I have a movie to watch on the computer whenever I want. Given their usual selection, though, it's likely to be a long time before I get another.

It rained quite a bit Sunday morning, and it remained overcast even as the rain diminished and then stopped. The sun started to peek out of the clouds around one o'clock, and made more frequent and more prolonged appearances as the afternoon wore on. The mockingbird must have been happy, as he sang in my back yard for quite a while. By four o'clock it was clear overhead, while great masses of white clouds continued to hang over the mountains. It was quite pleasant to look at, and although it was fairly chilly it was not a bone-chilling cold. I actually enjoyed the walk over to the Plaza.

The rain that was predicted for later this week has all but vanished from the forecast, the chances narrowed down to ten percent on Monday, Thursday and Friday, and twenty percent on Tuesday. If I feel like going somewhere this week odds are I can do so without risk of a soaking. But then I seldom feel like going anywhere these days other than to the nearby stores. It's going to be fairly mild, too, with highs in the sixties most of the week. There will still be lots of clouds, though. I don't mind the clouds. My eyes don't much like the glare of the sun anymore, anyway.

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