January 25th, 2020


Wicked Cool

A quick trip to the Goodwill store under a cloudy sky threatening rain this afternoon was rewarded with a book I have greatly missed since losing my copy in the fire: Ray Bradbury's novel Something Wicked This Way Comes. It is one of two Bradbury novels I like to reread periodically. Wicked is the one I like to reread in autumn, which is its setting, while the other, Dandelion Wine, his evocation of his childhood in Waukegan, Illinois, is a summer book. They were both quite popular at one time, and I'm sure Dandelion will eventually show up on the shelf at the Goodwill store. With luck, it will appear before summer arrives. Incidentally, the store's next half price sale is on February 17th, for Presidents Day. A little more than three weeks to wait. I can do that. I think.

I'd intended to head over to CVS after leaving the Goodwill store, but when I got outside I felt a couple of drops of rain, so I abandoned that notion. However, I did risk stopping at Taco Bell for a burrito. It's nice to have it so handy, for when I really don't feel like cooking anything, and it's really not too bad for Scottish food. What, you thought it was Mexican? It's Mexican style, but Bell is a Scottish name (one of my grandmothers was a Bell,) so the food is definitely Scottish. So far they don't feature an oatmeal burrito or haggis tacos, but the minimal spices they use would please any Scotsman, I'm sure.

The burrito was decently arranged to night, having been assembled by one of the girls in the kitchen. The kitchen staff are all teenagers, of course, and I've found that the girls have mastered the art of distributing the ingredients evenly through the burrito, while most of the guys tend to clump the various ingredients up. When some of the ingredients are put in cold (tomatoes, lettuce, sour cream) you really need an even distribution, or you end up with a burrito that can be cold on one end and hot on the other. The boys just don't seem to get that. They probably figure what the hell, it's just Scottish food anyway.

But my luck held out and I not only got a feminine burrito, but the rain held off and I got only a bit damp on my way back to the apartment. After that the sky opened up, and it's been raining pretty steadily ever since. The latest forecast has rain continuing all night tonight an into Sunday morning. So far the former leak in the roof has not reopened, so maybe it is actually fixed, which would be another good thing. I guess I can count this as a good day. Book, burrito, and rain to listen to as I go to sleep in my dry apartment.

I do hope I sleep better than I did last night, though, when insomnia kept me up until six o'clock. I didn't get up until one o'clock in the afternoon, but since that still left me about an hour short of sleep, maybe I'll be tired enough to get to sleep by three o'clock this morning. But then since it's likely to be raining tomorrow there's no reason I have to be up early, so if I don't get to sleep earlier tonight it's not going to be disastrous. Yeah, I guess it was a good day.