January 23rd, 2020

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx

Humped Day

So I got to Grocery Outlet this afternoon, the weather being dry and not too cold, and now I have donuts for breakfast tomorrow, plus a couple of other things. Later I went to CVS and bought beer an fresh bottle of vodka, and a box of cookies which I thought I would use the 40% off coupon on, but the cookies turned out to already be on sale, and thus the machinery didn't use the coupon. It has expired now. It's too bad I couldn't think of something I really needed that I could have used it on.

My back has been aching today, and the cough and various symptoms of my recent cold are still lingering, and my stomach has been feeling crappy all day so I haven't eaten any dinner, just a small lunch of cheese an crackers. I might heat up a bowl of soup in a while. Or I could just drink my dinner beer without dinner. It might help me get to sleep, at least. Tonight will be clear and cold, but it will be cloudy again tomorrow, with a high of about 55. I know I won't like it, but maybe I'll go to Kmart. It will only be there for a short time now, and I suspect that the selection is getting pretty skimpy, but I ought to give it a look before it is emptied out. Maybe I'll find a thing or two I can use.

I'm really hoping I feel better on Friday so I can go to one of the bus-accessible stores. I haven't looked at their ads yet, but I'm running low on some things I'll be willing to buy even if they aren't on sale.

I'm sure there was something else I was going to say, but it's gone and I don't feel like digging into my recalcitrant brain to find it. I think I'll just dig out some light reading and let the brain rest.


We got a nice evening rainfall that began with light sprinkles as I was returning from Trader Joe's with a giant candy bar, a bottle of lemon flavored sparkling water, and a tomato for garnishing the tacos I'm making from the last leftover short rib. The rain was a bit of a surprise despite the day having been overcast. There was only a ten percent chance of rain today, and since we beat the odds I'm glad it didn't start falling seriously until after I got home.

The next likely rain is scheduled Saturday afternoon or evening through Sunday morning. Perhaps it will not interfere with my lack of plans for the weekend. In fact I'm almost certain it won't. I might manage to get to a bus-accessible store tomorrow, if I can wake up as early as I did today, and feel energetic enough. It should be dry and cool, though mostly cloudy again. We might see a bit more sunshine Monday, but the big surprise is that the last few days of January and first week of February are predicted to have highs in the sixties, one day perhaps getting as high as 67, which will feel downright sultry after the recent chilly weather. It will be a nice change.

The mockingbird spent quite a while in my back yard around eleven o'clock this morning, and I enjoyed listening to him
run through his extensive repertoire. I also managed to snip a few bits off of the deciduous vine that tried to take over the yard last spring an summer. There are more bits I'd like to snip but the remaining parts are too thick for my small secateurs. I was surprised they clipped through as much of the vine as they did. A bigger pair I'm sure would make short work of the rest of its extravagant growth.

The rain has ended for now, though there might be a bit more later tonight. It is very quiet outside, and not too terribly cold, and I might go out and sit in the dark for a while. Well, sit in what passes for dark in the mini-metropolis. The lights from the parking lot of the apartment house next door manage to shine through the cracks in the fence at that end of my yard, so I have to turn my back to it to keep it from fining my eyes. I'm sure that light wants to blind me. I'm close enough to blind already, and don't need the aggravation.