January 18th, 2020

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx

Another Friday Gone

The storm has passed, but clouds remain, and the air has grown chillier again. Once again I slept too late to do anything this afternoon but make the brief run to the Plaza. The Goodwill store had nothing of great interest, but I bought a potato and an onion to use in the stew I intend to make Saturday, and a tomato for use on a sandwich tonight. I also bought milk, having finished the previous half gallon today. Exciting day, no? (No.)

This afternoon I did get to hear the mockingbird for a few minutes, which was nice. Most of the sounds I hear here are mechanical: the cars and trucks passing along the freeway and the streets, airplanes passing overhead, the furnace blowing warm air, the refrigerator humming, the computer keyboard clicking. There's the 60-cycle hum from the electric wiring too, but my ears don't have the hearing range to pick that up. On the whole I have to say I prefer the mockingbird to any of these.

More little aches and such are irritating me every day it seems, or I am noticing them more. I suppose I should expect them to grow more numerous at a more rapid pace a time passes. I'm a little over a day from being 75, so it's probably unavoidable. But it's remarkable how often I notice them now. One here, one there... sometimes I feel as though I'm being pricked and poked and prodded by three invisible stooges. It's most distracting. I wish I could poke them back.

If I live until Monday I'll be able to go to another half price sale at the Goodwill store. It's a bit surprising that they're having another one so soon. I think they might be getting overstocked. Their racks and shelves do appear to be pretty well stuffed right now. Most of the book selves were full today. I hope some of the stuff I don't want gets sold before Monday so there will be room for some stuff I want, which I hope they get in. Finding a book I really want is one of the few things that I enjoy here in the mini-metropolis. I should probably try to drink more.