January 11th, 2020



Here is Friday's post-midnight entry. It seems I can't do anything on time anymore. Tonight's delay came about because I got hungry and decided to fix something to eat before making a journal entry, and it took longer than I expected. Then while eating I decided to watch a few videos, and it turns out I can't just watch one. I watched about ten, and now it's very late. Diner was okay, though, and I enjoyed the videos.

Because I woke up too late I didn't trek to the bus-accessible stores today, but I did manage to get to the Goodwill store. They had put a couple hundred new books on the shelves since I was last there, but I only bought two. One is a large paperback of the collected short stories of Colette. I have to admit I've never read any of her stories, nor any of her longer works either. In fact, had I not seen the movie version of her novella Gigi I'd probably be completely unaware of her. But the stories are mostly very short, so they'll be nice to dip into when I have a few minutes to spare (HAH like I have anything but spare minutes.)

The other book is one of those large hardbacks full of photographs, Flesh and Fantasy, Penny Stallings' 1978 tome about the movies. It has held up fairly well, I think in part because every photo in it is black and white. The text, however, now seems rather dated, so it's a good thing there's not too much of it. I bought it primarily for the pictures anyway. They trigger a lot of memories, since I've seen the majority of the movies it covers.

The chance of rain tomorrow is down to 20% in the latest forecast, and if I wake up early enough perhaps I'll be able to make that run to a store on the bus. I haven't been feeling particularly energetic of late, though, so I'm not making a definite plan for doing anything. But the fact is I'm getting pretty bored hanging around this place, and would really like to go somewhere other than the Plaza or Grocery Outlet for at least an hour or two.

It sprinkled a while ago, but I think it's over now. I wouldn't mind some rain to listen to as I fall asleep.