January 1st, 2020


Buttered Up

I just ate some butter. Perhaps I should have put it on a cracker or something, but somehow I just didn't get around to it. The cube was sitting there softening, and I couldn't resist just tasting a pat of it, then another, and another, and I ended up eating about a quarter of the cube. One of the stories my mom always told about me was about how, one day when I was less than two years old, she put a fresh cube of butter on the kitchen counter next to where I was sitting in my high chair, then went to do something else, and when she turned around a couple of minutes later I had grabbed the butter and was trying to stuff the entire cube into my mouth. I do like butter.

This happens now and then. When I'm eating butter, the thought never crosses my mind that this particular gob of fat might be the one that finally clogs an artery and gives me a stroke or heart attack. I only think about that later. When it comes to eating butter I am always in the moment. But when I do think about it, I have to admit I don't feel bad about it. At my age any of a number of things could go wrong, and it's inevitable that sooner or later at least one of them will, so I figure since something is bound to kill me eventually, well, it might as well be something I really enjoy. Did I mention that I really, really, really like butter?

Something else I really like is not being stuck indoors all day, but that's what happened today. I slept until after one o'clock, then squandered the afternoon with Internet, and though I thought about going out I just wasn't sure that anything would be open on New Year's Day, and since I didn't want to be disappointed by going somewhere and finding out that it was closed, I decided I'd just stay home. It was a choice between probably being disappointed after making an effort, and certainly being disappointed with no effort at all, and given the fact that my energy is still quite low, and my cold symptoms are persisting, sloth won out.

Anyway, tomorrow, as has been said, is another day. True, that butter I ate might kill me before the new day dawns, but the fact is the day itself will get along fine without me, and if I don't die of anything tonight, butter related or not, then I can always do something tomorrow. Or not. I certainly haven't planned anything. There are undoubtedly things I could pick up at one or another of the stores in the Plaza, and I'm always eager to see if the Goodwill store has gotten in any books I absolutely must have. I doubt I'll do anything especially adventurous, though. It's a bit warmer than it was for a while, but still rather chilly to be going out, especially since it has also been fairly humid lately, which intensifies the chill. I'm thinking tomorrow might be a good day for hanging out at home with tea and cookies. Maybe I'll pick up some butter cookies. Mmmm, butter.