rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

The Technodolt's Lament: D'OH!

So, the customer assistant at PictureTrail figured out why I couldn't log in to my account. (Thanks, Biba!) It turns out that, among the mix of letters and numbers in my randonly generated password, there was a lower case letter L that I was mistaking for the number 1. Accursed Times New Roman font! I think I'll change it to Tahoma.

Anyway, I have now been able to upload that more recent picture of myself for which you have all been clamoring! Well one of you may have mentioned it, once. But, in any case,


Rejectomorph, 2002

Rejectomorph, looking worried, pensive, and bleary-eyed from lack of sleep.

Yes, I know it's a bad haircut. Yes, I know the lighting is bad. Yes, I know I had too much to drink the night before. I do, and do, and do for you people, and you're never satisfied. (Oh, sorry. Just replying to the voices in my head.) But, you must admit, that is very nice color coordination between my jacket and the fence behind me.

In the future, only pictures of cats, I think.
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