rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Finders Keepers

Today I found stuff. First, I found a package of boxers I'd misplaced a few months ago. Under the package of boxers I found my missing mouse pad, which I don't need with the cordless mouse I use on this computer, so I put the mouse pad in Sluggo's desk, which is one of those lift-top things with a pull-out shelf for the keyboard and mouse. When I opened the desk to put the mouse pad away I found my missing twelve pack of flashlight batteries. Why I never thought to look there before I don't know. I still haven't found my memory.

Then I went shopping. One of the things on Safeway's five dollar Friday sale was kitty litter, so I got two twenty pound containers. I found two containers that had dollar off coupons stuck on them, so I got a few weeks worth of kitty litter for eight bucks (plus tax, of course.) Then at the grocery outlet I found some pre-cooked teriyaki chicken. I'm not that fond of chicken but I do like teriyaki, and it was a remarkably good price at 78% off plus it was a buy one get one free deal, so about twenty-five dollars worth of fancy chicken for three bucks.

Since coming home the only thing I've found is The Trouble With Harry, which I stumbled on while channel surfing. I always watch it whenever it comes on, mostly because I find its scenery of a vanished New England so relaxing. It's unlikely that there's anything left for me to find in what's left of the day, but I'll keep an eye out. If there is something, I just hope it isn't another feral cat. I've got plenty of those.

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