December 28th, 2019

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Slow Recovery

An odd hour, resulting from odd hours. Bright sunshine made it impossible for me to get back to sleep when I woke up too early Friday morning, so I went about the business of the day, which didn't amount to much. By afternoon I felt too tired to take the bus anywhere so I just went to Trader Joe's for a few things. I now have milk and fresh tortillas (Trader Joe's has very good tortillas at a reasonable price, but you have to eat them fast. They have no preservatives and go moldy quite soon. The commercial brands can harden into flour Frisbies and not get moldy.) Also got some mushrooms and a package of their apple cider donuts. The donuts are not bad, but again I'm expecting I'll have to wolf them down as they probably don't have any preservatives either.

Naturally I stopped at the Goodwill store to see if any new books had been put on the shelves since yesterday, and indeed there was one. It is called Brick Shakespeare, and it has comic-book style illustrations of four Shakespeare comedies, but the panels are photos of the characters made with Lego blocks. It's just so incredibly dumb and cute that I couldn't resist buying it. Look, they have it at Amazon. Internet tells me there is also a double volume with both the comedies and four tragedies in it. That has to be heavy, since the comedy volume alone weighs several pounds. It's probably just as well the Goodwill store only had the single volume.

Since I was at the Plaza I decided to pick up a burrito from Taco Bell and not have to cook dinner. Then after I ate my lack of sleep caught up with me so I had to nap, and the nap ended up lasting past midnight. Now I'm hungry again. I guess I'll make ramen. I'm still stuffy and coughing from the virus, and it's very cold again tonight, so I'll be back under the covers soon, and read for a while. Tomorrow's weather is supposed to be much like today's was, so I'll have another chance to take the bus to the bus-accessible stores, but I suspect I still won't feel like it. It takes me a long time to get over colds. And then Sunday is supposed to be rainy again.

But I'd say the odds of my dying from coughing up a lung tonight are now down to about 20%. That's not much higher than my odds of dying from boredom on any given night in Chico. Things are looking up, I suppose. Plus donuts for breakfast!
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A Rum Business

So I stayed in all day, which I'll probably regret tomorrow when it is raining and I'll have no choice but to stay in. When it came down to it I didn't have the energy to go anywhere, and there was nothing out there I can't do without anyway. Had there been a place nearby to get a decent hamburger I might have gone out for that, as I've been craving a hamburger, but Wendy's is the nearest place and it's way over on the far corner of the Plaza, the round trip walk being almost a mile. At one time a mile would have been nothing to me, but that time is not this time.

Since I didn't get a hamburger I'm heating up some fish sticks for dinner. In my freezer I found two packages that are "best by January 20," and that's a lot of fish sticks to eat in about four weeks, so I figured I'd better get started. I don't much like fish sticks, but they were cheap back when I bought them, and I can fake a tarter sauce to put on them (mayonnaise and sweet pickle relish) that's not too bad. Also they will go with the rum and cola I impulsively made a few minutes ago. Cola is quite good at covering the taste of fish sticks, and the rum will make me care less what I'm eating.

My cough actually seemed like it got a bit worse today, and my nose has been stuffier. The taste-killing stuffy nose is of course an advantage when you eat fish sticks, so I ought not complain, but it would be nice to breathe normally for a while. (Fish sticks done. Fish sticks eaten.) Okay, I don't feel like throwing up so I guess the old fish sticks were edible. And I've still got some rum and cola! It needs more ice, though, and is getting a bit flat so maybe I'll add a bit of sparkling water. It was a bit too sweet anyway.

I'm probably going to finish reading the real-life Victorian mystery about a murder that took place in England in 1860, The Suspicions of Mr. Whicher, tonight. It is an interesting story. Some of the characters connected to the murderer and the victim lived well into the 20th century, dying around the time I was born. If I believed in reincarnation I'd speculate about who they came back as (I'm looking at you, Sir Paul McCartney!)

It's odd, but I haven't seen any ants in the apartment for the last couple of days. Maybe they didn't want to catch my cold. I'm not complaining, of course, just making an observation. But it just goes to show you can't really count on anything in this life, not even insects. Just when I was becoming accustomed to having their company and feeling accomplished by slaughtering them, they vanish. Can it be that I killed every last one of them? Oh, beloved enemies, forgive me! I'm so lonely without you!

Whoa, I should lay off the rum.