December 10th, 2019

5th street los angeles 1905

Monday Venture

Late Sunday night I started feeling sickish, and ended up not sleeping well, but I still managed to get out to do the banking Monday. It had to be gotten out of the way. There was also a stop at one of the bus-accessible stores, but like Safeway they were out of a couple of things I wanted. Though I still wasn't feeling my best I later went to CVS for a couple of bargain items, and stopped by Goodwill where I found another big, lavishly illustrated art history paperback. It's the second volume of a two-volume set, so it starts with the Renaissance, but maybe the first volume will show up someday.

Dinner had to be kept simple, since I'm still not feeling well. I've actually had a bit of a headache most of the day, along with my general queasiness, and I should be trying to get to sleep soon. I staved off an evening nap by drinking the last of the bottle of Starbucks coffee I had in the refrigerator. It seems to be wearing off now. I don't know if it was the caffeine or not, but I got seriously distracted this evening and completely lost track of the time. Still, I caught the phone before the battery died and it is charging now.

Tuesday is to be cloudy, but probably dry. The rain could return on Wednesday afternoon, and then recur through Saturday. I need to get to a mailbox before the rain comes back, and hope I have more energy than I had Monday. Also I'm hoping the 26th doesn't turn out to be a rainy day. That's when the Goodwill store is having its next half price sale. It would be very disappointing to miss it because it was too wet to walk over there. If there is rain but it's not too heavy I'll just put on my puffer coat with the built in nylon rain hoodie and just deal with my pants and shoes getting damp. But that's about two weeks away, so I won't worry about it now. First, I have to worry about getting some more fleecy sleepwear from Kmart before they close the place down.

There is currently a dense fog warning in effect for the Chico area, from midnight until noon, but I'm not seeing any trace of it yet. That's too bad. I do enjoy a nice fog, and would hate to wake up and find that I've slept through one.


Once again I dawdled and the weather changed, so instead of going out to Kmart I ended up cowering in the apartment under a threatening gray sky that never rained until after dark. The worst that would have happened to me going out would have been to get very cold, but I would have remained dry. Too late now. Rain began falling shortly after nightfall, and Wednesday is likely to remain wet all day, so I'll be stuck here again. I'm going to run out of donuts, too, and not get my rent check into the mail.

My diminutive back yard is looking quite dismal. The long bush with the small leaves has been shedding many of them, and the vine that grows at the other end of the yard and which spent the summer flinging its tendrils the length of that yard, has turned out to be deciduous, and has dropped all of its large but now brown and shriveled leaves, leaving behind an elaborate tangle of thin, bare branches hither and yon. The sight would depress me, were I not already depressed.

To find distraction from desolate landscape and monotonous gray sky I surf the web, but today I found little to engage me. Not for the first time I found myself missing the empty-headed distractions of television. I could have gone to YouTube or one of the other video-spewing web sites, but I don't want to have my monthly bandwidth supply gobbled up so soon. Of course another distraction is snacking, and I did that, which means I don't have a decent appetite for dinner. Right now I'm thinking about making a grilled cheese sandwich, not so much because I want one as because I've got too much bread on hand, and it's mostly the kind that gets moldy easily and I need to use it up before that happens.

Anyway, a sandwich would be an excuse to drink a bottle of beer, and I have plenty of that. Maybe I'll get to sleep earlier tonight. Had I gotten up a couple of hours earlier today I could have gone out before the sky turned so dark. There's no guarantee that tomorrow will be like today with an almost sunny early afternoon, but if it does turn out that way I'd hate to have gotten up too late to take advantage of it. I really do want to get to Kmart soon. I want more fuzzy sleeping pants. And I have to get that rent check mailed. The odds are slim, but there's always that if.