December 1st, 2019


Saturday Night is Alright for Duncing

All day the grey sky threatened rain, but I finally went out to Grocery Outlet to pick up a couple of things I forgot the previous time, and they turned out not to have two of the three, so I bought substitutes, and a very cheap impulse item that will probably turn out to be a dud. I would have gone to Trader Joe's for milk after that, but it started sprinkling as I started back, so there wasn't time.

Maybe there will be a lucky break in the rain tomorrow, and I can go get some milk. That's always chancy, and if I get caught in the rain there is no shelter at all between the Plaza and the apartment, so I could end up soaked. I'm sure that would be bad for me. Rain used to be my friend, but we had a falling out and now he promises to kill me with pneumonia if he ever sees me on the street.

Tonight I'm actually doing some wheezing. My brain might not be getting enough oxygen, as I've been feeling stupider than usual all evening. Still, I managed to get the laundry done, so if I do get soaked at some point at least I'll have a fresh change of dry clothes. There are two days of risk ahead, with chances of rain being 100% both Sunday and Monday. That goes down to 10% Tuesday, so that's when I'm most likely to be able to get out again. It seems like along way away, and it will probably drag, but then feel like no time at all once it's over.

I feel like I might have a bit of a fever.

"My people are the people of the dessert," said T. E. Lawrence picking up his fork.