November 15th, 2019



Surprise, there was no Thursday night nap. I guess sleeping five hours Wednesday night and another five hours Thursday morning left me slept out for a while. But I've been so scatterbrained that I might has well have been sleeping. I'd probably have gotten about as much done. In the late afternoon I got to the Goodwill store and (fortunately) found no books to buy, and then went to Trader Joe's for milk, and then when I got home put together shopping lists on the Internet. I'm a bit disappointed by the Thanksgiving sales so far this year. There isn't much I want from any of the stores.

This evening I've heard flocks of geese flying over the neighborhood, but they don't seem to have made up their mind where they want to settle. They have been going both north and south, at various times. They might have been expecting a more autumnal atmosphere. The mild, dry weather has lingered so late this year that the birds might be confused, and wondering if it is spring already and time to head back to Canada. Tomorrow might clarify things for them. A 10% chance of rain has suddenly appeared in the forecast. I'm not expecting more than sprinkles, myself. The forecasts have disappointed me too often.

There are no plans for tomorrow, the bus-accessible stores having so little of interest on sale this week, and there being nothing I want that I can't easily do without. But perhaps I'll get impulsive and go somewhere, as unlikely as that seems. What I'm thinking right now is that, since it is likely to be cooler tomorrow, I might just sit around with some hot tea and some cookies. It's been a long time since I've had a day suited to that.

Oh, and a second copy of Kerouac's On the Road has arrived in the mail. It would appear that the great minds of LiveJournal think alike.
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A second night with no evening nap, but this time I hit a wall about ten o'clock. Way too late for a nap, way too early for starting a night's sleep. Thursday night I hit the wall about two o'clock in the morning, which means I got to sleep at a pretty good hour. Today was not too bad, though I didn't get out to the bus-accessible store. I was hoping I might get a ride to Safeway for the Friday sale, but that didn't happen either.

Instead I wandered over to the Goodwill store about four o'clock and found a nice hardbound volume with three Dorothy L. Sayers novels. I do like omnibus editions. I probably won't be reading anything tonight though, that wall having been hit. I'm going to have to do something less likely to make me get sleepier for the next couple of hours. Videos of some sort maybe. I might even risk making a cup of tea, though that could backfire and keep me awake the rest of the night. First I'm going to go out and listen for geese. I haven't heard any yet tonight, and I'd like to know they are around.

Oh, and the 10% chance of showers today turned into 0%. The next possible rain in the forecast is a week from next Tuesday. I'm tired of the dryness, but at least there aren't any huge fires burning right now.